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Children's Connections, Inc. is a not-for profit organization of committed professionals who are dedicated to helping build families through adoption by providing services to support birth and adoptive families. Regardless of where you are in the adoption process, we can help you know what to expect and how to make the best choices for yourself and your family.  We’re available at every step of your adoption journey to answer questions, provide you with resources and referrals and to further educate you on adoption issues; even after your child is in your home.  Think of us as your personal tour guide on your adoption journey.

Children’s Connection’s Inc provides the following services to support Texas families and their children and caregivers:

Domestic Infant Adoption Program- The Connecting Hearts infant adoption program assists families in adopting newborns & toddlers. We'll help you assess your adoption need and develop an adoption plan that is just right for your family.

Adoption Support Services- We provide consultation services for adoptive parents on both domestic and international adoptions.

Pregnancy Services- We provide help for any expectant mother in Texas experiencing a crisis  during pregnancy by providing support, adoption information and birth parent counseling. They will recieve an assesment of their needs, and help to develop a plan. We work with pregnant women who are victims of a crime, have medical needs, or are not ready to parent their baby.

Embryo Adoption Services- The Crystal Angels Embryo Adoption program assists families in donating or adopting frozen embryos and works with families throughout the embryo adoption process.

Home Study Services- We prepare home study reports and updates for domestic infant, international, waiting (older) child/out of state foster care, step-parent, grandparent/relative and embryo adoption throughout Texas.

Post-Adoption Services and Reports- We prepare post-placement and post-adoption reports and provides resources, referrals and support for families after your adoption is completed.

Strengthening Families- Parenting education is provided to adoptive parents, parents who are divorcing or resolving custody issues, and those who are court ordered to participate in parenting education.

Child Care Resources & Referrals-  CCI provides child care resources & referrals to assist Lubbock Parents struggling to locate appropriate child care services.

 Child Nutrition Program- We operate a nutrition program for family child care providers who provide quality nutrition to children. We also provide nutrition education to these caregivers in West Texas.     

Professional Development-    We offer training to social workers, licensed professional counselors, child care staff, teachers, foster parents, and other professionals that build their skills in working with children and families.

Children's Connections Inc., provides services to Texas families and their children & caregivers. The Connecting Hearts infant adoption program and the Crystal Angels programs serve families throughout the United States.



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