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CCI Crystal Angels Embryo Adoption Services


CCI's Embryo Adoption Program consists of all necessary elements of frozen embryo adoption.    

CCI provides the following services:

bullet Prepares or reviews the adoptive families’ family assessments (home studies);
bullet Conducts genetic parent and adoptive parent intake, screening and counseling;
bullet Provides telephone and email consultations for genetic and adoptive parents;
bullet Makes genetic and adoptive parent counseling referrals, if requested;
bullet Performs genetic and adopting parent matching;
bullet Assists the genetic parents in selecting adopting parents;
bullet Assists the adopting parents in selecting genetic parents;
bullet Reviews the embryo adoption placement and relinquishment agreement;
bullet Obtains the genetic parents and adoptive parents signatures on agreements;
bullet Facilitates consent and release forms required by adopting and genetic parents’ clinics prior to transporting the embryos;
bullet Coordinates shipping the embryos from the genetic parents’ clinic to the adopting parents’ clinic;
bullet Provides post-adoption support and supervision for the adopting parents;
bullet Provides post-adoption support for genetic parents; and
bullet Prepares court reports, as needed.


Because Texas has no legal framework regulating the adoption of frozen embryos, CCI’s Embryo Adoption Program has instituted a process that is in keeping with the process found in traditional adoption.  In order to maximize the chance of success if the adoption were to be contested, the same safeguards and procedures that exist and are accepted in traditional adoption are also in effect and followed in this program. 

We make the best good faith efforts to ensure a successful embryo adoption for every adoptive parent.  However, CCI can not make any guarantees about the outcome of a frozen embryo adoption.